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All @ £ 5.95

Vanilla crème brûlée


Rich marquise chocolat with mint-chocolat ice-cream

Flambé crepes Suzette with Grand Marnier, vanilla ice-cream

(sup £ 2.00)

Raspberry jelly with green apple sorbet

Mix ice-cream & sorbet (pistachio, vanilla & orange)

Cranberry fruit crumble


Baked vanilla cheesecake with fresh strawberry

Cheese & biscuits

Dessert Wine

Coteaux du Lyon (French)

Round and full, sometimes unctuous.  Acacia honey with floral aromas of citronella and preserved fruit.

£5.75 (150ml)

Moscatel de Setubal (Portuguese)

Amber in colour, with intense aromas of orange peel and honey. The wine is rich and sweet but has a refreshing acidity.

£5.75 (150ml)

Try one of our special coffees – all @ £4.95

My Dad’s way

Expresso with a shot of grappa

Coffee Parisian

French coffee (brandy)

Irish coffee

(Irish whiskey)

Cup O’Evening

(Scottish whiskey)

Jamaican coffee

(Dark rum)

Russian coffee


Italian coffee


Skye coffee


Calypso coffee

(Tia Maria)

Seville coffee


Ladies coffee