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A la carte Menu

Gluten free bread available upon request.

All the main dishes are served with potatoes & seasonal vegetables
(V) = For Vegetarians (GF) = Gluten free

Service charge not included

Petit Pain £0.50 / Gluten Free Bread £0.50


Soup a l’oignon

Onion soup with cheese crouton (V)


Champignons des bois

Sautéed mushroom in rosemary oil with poached egg (GF)



Halloumi cheese with orange segment & carrot salad (V)(GF)


Saint Jacques

Seared Scallops with cauliflower puree & black pudding (GF)


Gateau de saumon fume et ecrevisses

Scottish smoked salmon & crayfish with cocktail sauce (GF)


Escargots & cuisse de grenouilles

Sauteed frogs legs & snails in garlic parsley butter



Crab stack with beetroot & avocado (GF)


Canard fume

Breast of smoked duck salad with balsamic olive oil dressing salad (GF)


Filet de boeuf carpaccio

Beef filet carpaccio with shaving parmesan, olive oil


Main Course

Supreme de pintade

Breast of guinea fowl with peas a la francaise (GF)



Grilled sirloin steak with pepper cream sauce (GF)



Spanish pork filet with port cream sauce (GF)



Half duckling in Cointreau sauce  (GF)


Loup de mer

Sea Bass filet with lemon garlic butter (GF)


Pasta (vegan)

Fusilli pasta with spicy tomato sauce & broccoli (V)


Sourie  d’agneau

Lamb shank with onions jus (GF)


Assiette de pecheur

Fish platter of Sea bass, scallop & king prawns with sun blush tomato & wine parsley (GF)


Filet de boeuf

Fillet of beef with bordelaise sauce (GF)


All the main dishes are served with potatoes & seasonal vegetables. View our Dessert Menu here.

GF = Gluten Free V=Vegetarian
Service charge not included